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next time you make it out right here to the San Francisco Bay Area, see if you can capture in a meal at one of the adorable bit restaurants on SF’s Claude Lane. It’s a little area with a European vibe (plenty of outside seating) a bit off the beaten path about two blocks from Union Square. just a couple of quaint cafes as well as restaurants, however I believe it’s well worth inspecting out.

I had dinner there the other night at a area called Gitane with my girlfriends from college, Christine, Eleanor as well as Mary Anne.


My very first genuine task after college was at a business about one block away from the restaurant, as well as as I was walking from where I’d parked to satisfy the girls, I passed a few familiar haunts.

Back when I had that job, I was in my early 20s as well as extremely unsure of where I was headed in life or what the future held. I never might have envisioned I’d ever be sitting at a desk in the town of Novato with a chubby tabby feline on my lap as I typed something such as this to you…

It’s just weird! however likewise cool.


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

As I got better to the restaurant the other night, I wondered, should I discover myself walking down these exact same streets 10 years from now, what will I be as much as then? will I have children? will I run into any type of old good friends as well as share stories about exactly how bit Paul or Alexandra like art as well as music, however my parents believe they should both be doctors? Or will I not have children? as well as will I be okay keeping that decision?

I don’t know… I just hope that anywhere I am as well as whatever I’m doing, I’m happy. as well as you are, too.

Alcuni post di bellezza che hanno catturato il mio occhio …

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DESCRIPTION: Long, long ago, a powerful evil sorceress/former makeup artist produced liner Lamia to guard her makeup counter while she was away, however a little number of the mischievous creatures escaped! Tentacled gremlins with eye liners for arms, they truly just like to ruin makeup.
Velocità: veloce
SPECIAL ATTACKS: liner Lamia prefer surprise attacks over frontal assaults, normally striking while their victims are distractedly applying their makeup — for instance, while driving.

They are deathly afraid of mirrors.

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic neutral
SIZE: little (3′ tall)

comprise For Ever’s new La Bohème Eye shadow Palette

comprise For Ever’s two new Rouge artist natural Lipsticks

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The Paul & Joe deal with & Eye color combination in Purr-Fect

Be bridge prepared right Meow With Paul & Joe spring 2012


Paul & Joe Kitten Collection nail Polishes

La tua amichevole community Beauty Addict,


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