Conto alla rovescia per il National Lipstick Day il 29 luglio! Tom Ford Moisturecore Lip color in Paradiso

five more days until national Lipstick Day, Saturday, July 29th
Question: why isn’t every day national Lipstick Day? because it should be. every day should also be national Tubby Tabby Day, national Doughnut Day ? and national Black stretchy pants Day.

Ogni. Dannazione. Giorno.


But seriously (as if), national Lipstick Day ? is a thing, and it’s almost here! It’s Saturday, July 29th, and I’m kicking it off by wearing some of my favorite lippies, like this cutie from Tom Ford called Paradiso, a.k.a. the current BFF of my dry-lipped life, because it’s so moisturizing that I feel like I’m standing underneath a tropical waterfall whenever I wear it…

OK, so, maybe that’s a little over-dramatic, but it really is moisturizing, and look at that dreamy finish, ooh-la-la!

Paradiso is a smooth coral Moisturecore Lip color in the four-piece Tom Ford Paradise capsule collection, an online exclusive available now.


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

Because it’s Tom Ford, I have to warn you… Take a deep breath (*inhales sharply*), because it’s $55.

Lo so!

But it’s massively more moisturizing than most moisture-rich lipsticks. The inner core is packed with potent passionfruit oil, and the outer lip color contains a blend of melon fruit extract and murumuru butter.

Tastes and smells like yummy vanilla, too.

Welcome to creamy coral p-a-r-a-d-i-s-e.

The inner core is rich with passionfruit oil, and the outer lip color contains a blend of melon fruit extract and murumuru butter.
Paradiso on my lips, Tom Ford cream color for Eyes in Burnished Copper on my lids, and Chanel No. 21 healthy glow Les Beiges blush on my cheeks
It starts off with a hint of low-key shine, but it dials down quickly. After 15 minutes, it almost looks like a lip stain…or like Scarlett Johansson’s natural lip color.


I’ve been coveting an intense coral red like this for years. Yay, finally found it! Thanks, Tom, for doing this girl a solid.

Il tuo amichevole abitazioni di bellezza,


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