Is It a Gloss or a Stain? Actually, It’s Both! The new Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres glossy stains

wearing Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres glossy stain in Fuchsia Dore as a gloss

Not that I really needed to fall for another $32 lip product, but I guess I wasn’t completely averse to the idea.


Even though my tongue twists saying their lengthy name, my lips love Yves Saint Laurent’s new Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres glossy Stains, and my grubby little paws want every single color.

Available in 20 profoundly pigmented shades, many of them exclusive to Sephora, these lycanthropic lippies start as intensely bright, pigmented glosses that transform into long-wearing lip stains as they fade.

You know I lurves me some flexible products, and these, like my favorite pair of Pajama jeans J brand skinny jeans, totally fit the bill. They’re easy to dress up or down. One layer lends lips a natural, softly radiant stain; two turns up the color and the glaze for lips that look glossy and bold.


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

Either way, one layer or two, doesn’t require using much of the product, which makes the $32 price tag a little easier to bear.

And the texture sure doesn’t hurt. Lightweight, non-sticky and not at all drying, the Rouge Pur Coutures are like a perfect pair of jeans (eminently comfortable).

Oh, but that’s not my favorite thing about these gems from YSL. I really love the way they fade throughout the day. I can only describe it as elegant, and not at all like other long-wearing lip products that start to look a little janky (i.e. thick and separated) after a few hours of wear.

These last between 6-8 hours on me, and I like the way they look the entire time. Both as a brighter gloss, and then as a stain as they fade, they manage to steer clear of lip lines and flakes.

I’ve been wearing Fuchsia Dore, Orange De Chine and Pourpre preview for the past few days, and I’m smitten with all three shades.

From the left: Fuchsia Dore, Orange De Chine and Pourpre Preview

Swatches from the top to bottom: Orange De Chine, Pourpre preview and Fuchsia Dore

Orange De Chine worn as a gloss

Orange De Chine worn as a stain

Pourpre preview as a gloss

Pourpre preview as a stain

Fuchsia Dore as a stain

As for flavor and scent, these have both. The fragrance, oddly enough (or perhaps not), reminds me of that first whiff that hits me when I walk into an Anthropologie store — fancy, frou-frou floral candles and expensive Japanese cherry blossom hand creams. It’s different, but I like it. The flavor, however, tastes faintly of vanilla to me, and both it and the fragrance fade quickly.

Even at $32 each, I think these bring their A game. Potent pigments in a comfortable formula that looks fab all day long? It’s official: these glossy stains are my latest lip crush.

PRICE: $32 each
AVAILABILITY: available now at Sephora stores and also online
MAKEUP and beauty blog RATING: A+

Also in makeup and beauty news…

Today the FDA announced that it had found traces of lead in 400 lipsticks, many of them from major brands.

In no cases did the amounts exceed U.S. legal health limits, but there is no level of lead considered completely safe. It’ll be interesting to see if/how the big brands respond, and I’ll be following up on this story over the coming months.

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Seriously, is it Friday yet? ovunque nel mondo? I love the weekends because 1) El Hub is home and 2) there’s some terrific TV (now, Downton Abbey and The walking Dead).

Today was a pretty good day out here. I mean, Tabs didn’t bite or scratch me once, and really, what more can I ask? Now, I’m planning to watch some Justified while I paint my nails.


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