Fenty appeal by Rihanna Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

just the highlights, please.
Is the spelling of Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt (with an “a” instead of an “o”) Freestyle Highlighter giving you lyfe? Yes, that’s lyfe with a “y,” as in Yacht Lyfe, one of the cream hylighters highlighters in the line.

I’m an absolutely horrible speller, but I love all the creative spelling liberties being taken.


Side note: think of a Fenty appeal spelling bee. Iytte whud bhee krai!

The Killawatt Highlighters are $34 each and available now in six shades at Sephora, along with the rest of the cruelty-free Fenty appeal by Rihanna line, and if you have semi-functional eyes, you can probably tell that they’re gorgeous. They’re shiny, glittery and va-va-va-voom! — reflect light to the max, which is trés trendy at the moment, so if you want highlights so bold that you could send an SOS across the universe, you’ll probably be into them.

I think they’re a lot like the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfectors, except flashier, a lot more pigmented and normally a lot more OTT.


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

They’re a little too frosty for me, though, so I’ve made a decision to skip them.

Not to say that I wasn’t tempted at the store. I came close to getting indicate Money/Hu$tla Baby, one of the split pans. It has a fetching champagne on one side and a peachy champagne on the other (some of the highlighters have two shades, and some only have one). I put it in my basket a few times, took it out, put it in, took it out, put it in…but then I ultimately left without it because I knew that the high-beam shimmer and my pores just wouldn’t get lungo.

I can absolutely see why so lots of makeup lovers are losing their damn minds over these. I get it, because on top of their bo$$-lady bling factor, the pigments and creamy powders aren’t playing around. I love the idea of them, but in terms of functional use, they aren’t my cup of tea.


And, yes, I did just use dollar $$ signs in a word. RIRI MADE ME DO IT!

Il tuo amichevole vicinato Appeal Agice,


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