For Cheeks That turn Heads: MAC Très Cheek

wearing MAC modern Mandarin blush on my cheeks

Hello, mellow. compared to a couple of the MAC collections launching tomorrow, the six-piece Très Cheek seems really mellow to me. Reel sexy has all those bold colors bursting with pigment, and extra dimension has that hard-to-miss mirror shine.


Très Cheek may not look like much in comparison, but don’t let that stop you from looking a little closer at these blushing beauties. I think there are some fan-frickin’-tastic blushes in this limited edition launch.

Here’s a look at three of the collection’s six shades. Altogether, they remind me of something MAC does so well…



Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


Acquistare ora

Modern Mandarin: When I apply this satiny reddish orange with my Shu Uemura fan brush — WOW! — I barely have to relocation an inch. The color practically leaps from the brush to my cheeks, bringing with it the smallest hint of shine. Mandarin is generous with pigment and might be a little too bold for some, but it ought to rock the beach on darker skin tones. I can’t wait to bust this baby out after I’ve gotten a little sun. Oh, and I thought this was neat: when I applied a swatch on the back of my hand today, Mandarin actually withstood a hand washing — with soap!
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Lovecloud: This beautiful bright pink has a sheen that says, “You ought to completely cheek me out.” It’s like a combination blush and highlighter rolled into one, and on my NC42 skin, I think I also see a hint of peach. I absolutely love, love, love Lovecloud. It has the makings of a perfectly pretty spring color just waiting to be worn with peach, pink and coral lips.
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Peony Petal: The faint sheen illuminating this bright bluish pink flower petal controlled compared to modern Mandarin and Lovecloud; it’s practically (but not quite) a matte. One layer produces a soft semi-matte flush, so delicate and sweet, like the flush you get running barefoot through a field of wildflowers (or chasing after your rugrat/dog/cat). Of the three blushes here, I think it’s the one that looks the most natural. A little tinted moisturizer, one or two layers of mascara, and MAC Modesty or best image on your lips, and you’ll be all kinds of fierce.
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Peony Petal


Powder blush in Peony Petal ($20 US; $24 CDN)

Powder blush in Lovecloud ($20 US; $24 CDN)

Powder blush in modern Mandarin ($20 US; $24 CDN)

Swatches from the left: Peony Petal, Lovecloud and modern Mandarin

All three of these blushes also carry out like champs! They’re easy to apply and last all day long. any of them ought to be ideal for spring.

Gonna keep on tryin’, till I reach the…

…Higher Ground has been like my anthem these days.


Hope you had a pleased hump day. Anything new to report?

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