Be a Blue Belle With the MAC good luck Trolls Collection

The MAC good luck Trolls collection
Preeeetty sure these little trolls came alive last night and were walking around my condo. I thought I heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet going up and down the stairs…

Wait — I guess that could have been Tabs.


Chi lo sa? ideal now, though, it’s time to relive one of my greatest childhood fears.


Wearing Lipstick in Midnight Troll and Lipglass in Twerquoise
Did any individual else find them scary back in the day? There’s just something…eery about those big eyes and that crazy hair, or the fact that they were always butt neked.


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

Non so…

But enough about that! Let’s take a look at the MAC good luck Trolls collection.

Arriving July 28 to the MAC web site and pertaining to stores and counters August 4 through September 15, it might seem a little out of character for MAC to collaborate with these mythical, cave-dwelling beings of Scandinavian folklore…or it might not! The brand does have a track record for doing crazy sh*t.

Aaand there’s also a Trolls motion picture coming out in November.

It’s a 22-piece collection with five Eye shadows ($17 each), two appeal Powders ($27 each), four Lipsticks ($18 each), four Lipglasses ($16 each), one pigment ($23), three glitters ($23 each), a Duo Fibre face brush ($32) and these two crazy momentary hairspray color thing-a-ma-bobbers called the Chroma Crazes ($20 each).

I feel like MAC misses opportunties often with some of their limited edition collaborative collections, like the MAC miss Piggy one (it could have been so much more!), but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this one accurately captures the trolls in all their whimsical cheekiness.

So, um, with these colors…first of all, I think it’s crucial to remember that this is a collection about colorful trolls with gemstones in their bellies. So it’s not a collection about conservative, generally pretty, pretty makeup.

I think the pieces are pretty in their own way, but lots of are also outrageous and playful. If you remember the MAC Playland collection from a couple years ago, it had some crazy colors and pastels. Well, good luck Trolls is very much along those same lines. We have corals, chartreuses, hot pinks and blues.

There’s a blue lipstick, a blue eyeshadow, a blue lipgloss, a blue momentary hair coloring spray… I’m normally a lot more drawn to neutrals, but for some reason I’m drawn to these blues. Sono bellissimi.

Especially the matte blue eyeshadow, Atlantic Blue. Unlike lots of mattes that are too sheer or chalky and tough to blend, Atlantic Blue packs a whollop! One or two layers, and it’s visible and vibrant.

MAC good luck Trolls Eye shadows in Paradisco, Suns Out Buns Out and Atlantic Blue
As for the blue lipstick…I have no idea where I’d wear it, but if I was an 18-year-old whose cup runneth over with hard girl swagger, I would rock it HARD.

I may or may not be wearing my pajamas
It’s opaque and also matte. And, weirdly enough, because it is matte, I think it’s a lot more wearable than it would be if it shimmered. two or three swipes completely covers my lips with opaque color.

MAC good luck Trolls Lipsticks in Can’t Be Tamed, Sushi Kiss, dance Off, pants Off and Midnight Roll
Oh! — I just remembered a really terrific idea from MBB reader Rachel R (hey, Rachel!). If you love cuckoo crazy colors like this blue but have trouble with your lipstick going beyond your natural lip line when you apply them straight from the tube, look for a matching eyeliner, and use it as a lip liner (since, hello, it’s not easy to find blue lip liner). Trace around the edges of your lips with it to keep your lipstick in place.

MAC good luck Trolls Lipglasses in Bubble Butt, Twerkquoise, Saint Germain and glitter Grunge
There’s also a blue Lipglass in the collection called Twerkquoise (Funny name! I want to get another cat now just so I can name her Twerquoise…), which is very sheer. I can see the blue ideal after I put it on my lips, but it mellows out and looks a lot more like a neutral after a minute or two.

MAC good luck Trolls Pigment in Chartreuse, glitter in Fuchsia, reflects glitter in reflects transparent Teal and reflects glitter in reflects Purple Duo
I also put Twerkquoise on top of the blue lipstick, just for fun, and it gave it a purple tint. Strano!

One a lot more thing of note that I really like in this collection is the appeal Powder in glow Rida.

Holy crap!

MAC good luck Trolls appeal Powders in glow Rida and Play It Proper
So, um, this is probably the most “normal” thing in the collection…which is probably why I like it, haha. It’s a stunning beige with extra fine golden shimmer, and it looks SO pretty, ethereal and heavenly down the bridge of the nose and atop the cheekbones as a soft, glowing highlighter (like one of the hourglass Ambient lightingPolveri, ma anche più fini).

Una specie di equilibri fuori tutta la follia che accade altrove nella collezione.

Ora su quegli spray di colore dei capelli …

Ok, ho davvero paura di provarli perché ho usato un colore momentaneo di spruzzo di capelli una volta e finito con un punto rosa che non è mai andato via. Ma lo farò per il bene della sperimentazione!

Oh, Gosh … mi auguro buona fortuna! * Spray, spray * uh, oh. L’ho appena spruzzato sul muro.

Whoops! Ora l’ho spruzzato sulla mia manica.

Ok, stai davvero davvero attento con esso.

Chroma mania in buone lucconi (a sinistra) e stuzzicare e grazie (a destra)
In realtà si presenta. Gente … Ho davvero i capelli scuri, e i prodotti colorati non vengono sempre visualizzati bene su di esso, quindi è qualcosa.

Penso che avrei bisogno della metà della bottiglia per farla davvero presentarsi, ma se hai i capelli più leggeri, deve fare un impatto più grande.

Gosh, non posso aspettare che Connor sia più grande e posso corrirla in divertenti esperimenti (i suoi capelli sono più leggeri come suo padre)!


Il tuo amichevole vicinato Appeal Agice,


P.S. Qual è la tua posizione sui troll? carino o terrificante?

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