Two new fall Liners From NARS, and getting Sidetracked by a broken Heart

rest in peace, my sweet, sweet pup
This was expected to be a post about the two new NARS larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliners in Las Ramblas and through De’ Martelli, and it still is…kind of.

What began as a regular review took a sharp detour before noon.


I planned to mention that reddish brown through De Martelli pulls red on my warm skin tone and makes me look like I’ve been crying… I thought it deserved a respectable B.

And then I planned to talk about how yellow gold Las Ramblas, a solid B+ in my book, reflects light like the surface of a glassy pond, making it ideal for brightening up the eyes.

Both it and Martelli last about eight hours on my lash lines and four on my water lines, and neither one seems very adept at smudging. Both cost $24 and arrive on counters, in stores and online with the rest of the NARS fall 2013 collection July 15.


Cats & Makeup Felpa ??

$ 42.

Acquistare ora

Via De Martelli larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, a chocolate ($24)
Las Ramblas larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, a yellow gold ($24, limited edition)
From the left: Kamchatka Eyeshadow, Namibia Eyeshadow, Yamal Eyeshadow, Bavaria Eyeshadow, Las Ramblas larger Than life Long-Wear Eyeliner, through De’Martelli larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner

But then I got a phone call from El Hub just before noon.

He very calmly told me to sit down, and told me to brace myself, because he had bad news…

He told me that my parents’ dog, Shauna, had passed away, and now I just can’t stop crying.

I know that to some people it seems silly to cry so much over a dog, but Shauna was a part of our family. She was with us for 14 years, a good canine who always guarded the house and kept us company. Il mio cuore è spezzato.

Shauna was a pound puppy who concerned live with us in 1999. My dad, who’s always had a soft spot for strays, brought her home unexpectedly one day after meeting her at a Petco pet adoption fair.

I’d just graduated from college at the time and was living with my parents while searching for work.

I’ll never forget the first time I met her… She came bounding through the front yard, four fat paws attached to a big ball of chunky puppy cuteness! Her tail never stopped wagging, and she had the goofiest grin on her face. From that day forward, we were thick as thieves. Era amore.

Every morning while I lived at home, she greeted me with sloppy kisses and a smile. We’d opt for walks first thing each day, and she never needed a leash. She knew how to heel and stop instinctively.

When I left my parents’ house and moved to SF, I wanted to take her with me, but it was the dot-com grow days in the Bay Area, and I couldn’t find an house that would take pets, so Shauna stayed behind with my mother and dad.

Eventually, after my younger brother moved out of the house, Shauna became the baby of the family. Whenever my mother or father would call, they’d give me a report on how Shauna was doing, whether she had buried any treats in the yard, captured any vermin or learned any new tricks. They called her “my little sister.”

I miei genitori. They’re so sad best now. When I spoke with my mother on the phone earlier she started bawling, and babe, my mother never cries. That woman is difficult as nails. She told me that she can’t bear to clean out Shauna’s canine house or put away her toys, and now I just keep randomly bursting into tears…

Shauna was a sweet, gentle, pleased dog, and she was beloved by our family. She had 14 good years with us, and I’m thankful for that.

I knew she was getting older, and I tried to brace myself for this day, but it didn’t work. Ho il cuore spezzato.


Goodbye, my sweet Shauna. brava ragazza.

Il tuo amichevole avvincente di Charm,


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